समस्त विद्याओं की भण्डागार- गायत्री महाशक्ति
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Here are thought changing sadvakya, slogans, phrases, quotes, spiritual truth photos in various languages of the world for download. Thoughts are written by yugrish shriram sharma acharya for Vichar Kranti Abhiyan [ Thought Transformation Movement]. These stickers are sure to bring a smile on the lips of the person reading the same. Also you can use it to turn someone life to right path.


English Sadvakya [ Spiritual Truth]

Hindi Sadvakya

Spanish Spiritual Truth Stickers

Russian Spiritual Truth Stickers

Urdu Spiritual Truth Stickers

Korean Spiritual Truth Stickers

Portuguese Spiritual Truth Stickers

Gujarati Sadvakya

Malayalam Sadvakya

Tamil Sadvakya

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Sindhi Sadvakya

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Bangla Sadvakya

Sadvakya Sticker at Bangalore Railway Station

Sticker Gyan Rath

Gayatri Parivar Introduction

Shantikunj Introduction

Ad. Shail Didi  – Dr. Pranav Pandya

Gyan Rath shantikunj

Pradarshani [ Exhibition ]