समस्त विद्याओं की भण्डागार- गायत्री महाशक्ति
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You can now purchase gayatri pariwar books, CDs and other items by paying online and the items will be delivered by courier.


1. Currently, we have put only selected titles of Hindi and English books on the website for online sale. The team is working continuously to add more titles for online sale. Gujarati and all other Indian languages missionary books will soon be added for online sale.

2. Online sale of all herbal medicines produced at Shantikunj will soon be started for sale.

3. Online subscription of All magazines will be started through this website in next few days.

4. The dispatch center is open Monday to Saturday from 9:00 am to 8:00 pm and people can call at 011-25050932 to get any relevant information.

5. You can also email us at contactus@awgpestore.com for any query/feedback.