समस्त विद्याओं की भण्डागार- गायत्री महाशक्ति
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May we all take full benefit of this rare opportunity and be a part of this campaign. Spread the word of this campaign & it’s importance to family & friends so that everyone is benefitted from the same & we prepare ourselves for the arrival of the Golden Age.

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Download Gayatri Mantra Lekhan Details in English Language

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We all are really lucky to have the opportunity to witness Pujya Gurudev’s (Pandit Shriram Sharma Aacharyaji) Birth Centenary Year (1911-2011) who was a Great Sage & Seer of Gayatri & who spread the light of Gayatri Philosophy for the betterment of mankind & to eradicate their miseries.

An intensive 40 day Mantralekhan Abhiyan will begin from Mahashivratri (2nd March’11) to Ramnavmi (12th April’11). In this duration of 40 days, a Sadhak will have to write 2400 Mantras of Gayatri (60 mantra/day).

The importance of writing of Gayatri Mantra is very effective as all our senses are concentrated at one point & it is said that each mantra written is equivalent to 10 mantras recited. Lakhs of Sadhak will be taking part in this campaign so we all can imagine the amount of collective energy that would be developed during this 40 days which will benefit not only the Sadhak but also the whole world.

Gurudev had referred that the Golden Era has already manifested in the subtle world but will manifest in the evident world when the environment would be suitable. This Mantralekhan Abhiyan is an attempt for the same.

Points to be taken care by the Sadhak taking part in the campaign:

1. Studiously trail the meaning of Gayatri Mantra while writing the mantra. This will give the benefit of both writing & chanting the mantra.

2. Mantralekhan can be done at any suitable time during the day. (preferred to keep a defined time frame for more benefit)

3. Keep the daily routine regular & include time for self-cultivation (Swadhyay) by reading good books & donate 1 hour daily for the societal development.

4. Keep the meals light & avoid avengeful (Tamasik) food.

5. Do not condemn/dispraise anyone & keep an positive pschotropic status (Sakaartmak Manahsthiti)

6. Donate an minimum amount during this 40 days as Anshdaan for societal development.