समस्त विद्याओं की भण्डागार- गायत्री महाशक्ति
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At the beginning of his “Sukshmikaran Sadhna” ( In July 1984 issue of Akhand Jyoti), Pujya Gurudev wrote that the boundaries between all Nations will disappear and changes will take place at rates and magnitude that are not imaginable now..If we jut look at the changes that took place across the world just since beginning of the year (in 2011 alone), how many of them were even thinkable/predictable in 2010?

In these great moments of change, shouldn’t we ask the question: “Are we doing what we can to meet Pujya Gurudev’s expectations from us or can we do more?”
The Akhand Jyoti Article ( pages 10-13)can be read at:

Please find below some sentences from the article ( with English translation in the End)
तीसरा विश्व युद्ध निश्चित रूप से टल जायेगा | अणु युद्ध ही नहीं रुकेगा, देशों की विभाजन रेखा भी हटेंगी , जो वर्गों ने, गुटों ने अपनी अपनी सामर्थ्य के अनुसार कब्ज़ा जमाकर बना ली है | यह सुनने और सोचने वालों को असंभव जैसा लगता होगा| हिटलर के उत्थान और पतन के दिनों वाली बातों पर ही दृष्टी डाली जाय तो प्रतीत होगा कि उन थोड़े दिनों में ही इतना कुछ यूरोप में बदला, जिसकी इससे पूर्व किसीने कल्पना तक न की होंगी |

युद्धों का निराकरण अबकी बार अंतिम रूप से किया जाने वाला है | अणु बम रुके और रासायनिक बम आ चले , ऐसी छोटी हेरा-फेरी के लिए दैवी शक्तियों को बीच में क्यों पड़ना था? इतना तो आदमी कि मोटी अकल भी कर सकती थी| यदि भगवान का हस्तक्षेप करना है कि युद्ध टल जायें तो उसे उतना और भी करना पड़ेगा कि देशों का वर्तमान सीमा विभाजन और उसका आधारभूत कारण भी हटे |

एक दुनिया – एक राष्ट्र की मान्यता अब सिद्धांत क्षेत्र तक सिमित न रहेगी | उसके अनुरूप ताना बना बुना जायेगा और वह बनेगा जिसमें विश्व की एकता -विश्व मानव की एकता का व्यवहार दर्शन न केवल समझा वरन अपनाया भी जा सके | इस के लिए विश्व चिंतन में ऐसी उथल-पुथल होगी जिसे उलटे लको उलट कर सीधा करना कहा जा सके |

English Translation:
The third world war will definitely be avoided. Not only will the nuclear wars stop, but also the boundaries partitioning different countries, forcefully occupied and created by few groups, will be brushed away.

The ones listening and thinking about this might find it an impossible idea. Even if you look at the elevation and degradation of Hitler, it will be apparent that just in few days there were so many changes in Europe, of which no one ever thought of.

This time disposal of wars is going to be done in its last form. As the nuclear bombs ceased, chemical ones took their place. Why would the divine energy intervene for just a small transformation. This could have been achieved by the big human brains. If Lord wants to interfere so that the wars end, then he would have to put in equal efforts to make sure that the current political boundaries are dissolved and also the root cause for it.

The concept of One World – One Nation will no longer be confined as a philosophical idea. Efforts will be put in to realize this idea and it will be created wherein the conduct of the strength and unity of the world and all the people of the world can not only be explained but also be accepted. To achieve this there will be a turmoil in the thought process of the world which will be rightly called as reversing back the current false ideas to make them new and better.