समस्त विद्याओं की भण्डागार- गायत्री महाशक्ति
Self-refinement is the best service of the society

The world map will be redrawn – Acharya Shriram Sharma

At the beginning of his “Sukshmikaran Sadhna” ( In July 1984 issue of Akhand Jyoti), Pujya Gurudev wrote that the boundaries between all Nations will disappear and changes will take place at rates and magnitude that are not imaginable now..If we jut look... read more

Gayatri Mantra

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Launch of Gayatri Mantra album by Sonu Nigam

Recently, launch of Gayatri Mantra album by Sonu Nigam has created a lot of Buzz in Bollywood. In this event, so many celebrities talked about importance and benefits of Gayatri mantra that it seems that days are not far when everyone in India will practice Gayatri... read more
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