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Time to stop reading our top ten tips on why our chat lines are the best and pick up the phone and start chatting with someone new. Dial from Mobile:

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On occasion, I would feel so uncomfortable with the nature of these calls that I would hang up the phone, which would leave me answering to the line manager, who would lecture me about disrespecting clients and threaten to block me from working. Part of HuffPost Lifestyle.

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He wanted to know my star and to discuss how compatible we were, and to check in daily to tell me my horoscope. Even in this job, using an anonymous hotline where I had no visual connection to clients, I still felt vulnerable. Through this, I was able to make a decent sum of money which continues to support me, especially through the pandemic.

I learned to get creative, simulating noises like walking in high heels and, when men would all too often ask to hear me pee, squeezing water out of a bottle into a cup to make an accurate sound.

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While sex work is becoming more commonplace, and more women are choosing to work for themselves to earn additional cash, I know first-hand there are clearly still issues with protect those workers. Fortunately, I was able to live at home through the summer where I worked as many hours as I could to save up more money.

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Extortionate student accommodation prices pushed me into working two jobs throughout my first year to get by. I read that the pay can be tough, but at worst similar to my minimum wage job. Then, I thought I found my solution. Generally, I found the calls were quite amusing.

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I ed a phone sex hotline. Follow us. Rosie Strathmann is a student at Edinburgh University.

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One of my first regular callers was an older man who was interested in astrology. Terms Privacy Policy.

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It quickly became clear managers only cared about keeping callers connected for as long as possible so the company could maximise their revenue, and their business policies supported this attitude. Most importantly, the job requires you to put up a mental block to the adult content. Friends and I had joked about doing sex work, and I know of a few students who do adult work in clubs and online.

Naturally, this took a hit on my social life — I was working weekdays at a tuition centre and weekends at my student union bar, which left little time for studying, let alone socialising.

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I then heard about students who had taken part in medical trials. Another regular caller just wanted me to give him permission to do certain sexual things, essentially I would just repeat instructions to him.

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With a lack of financial support available to middle-class students, rising accommodation costs and increasing daily living expenses, many students, just like me, struggle to make ends meet. At first I pd this job, being self-employed, would give me more control over my hours and allow me to earn money whilst also doing housework or writing up study notes.

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I have always been one of the broke students. Suggest a correction. The only skills I really needed were to be able to perform and sound believable, which I was sure I was capable of — I had done some acting before so was confident I could improvise content — and hold a straight face.

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On my first day, I acquired a handful of regular callers, which allowed me to schedule hours to suit theirs. All rights reserved. While this is fair — I never expected to love dirty-talking men on the phone — I could never have imagined the nature of these conversations.

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