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This request is for the ability to completely delete a private chat thread. Again, this was pulled out into its own topic because it is still under review and no decision has been made.

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I'm new to WoW. I have figured out most of the in-battle chat functions, including the Fnn hot keys. However, I have not been able to figure out how to send a message using the hot keys to an individual ship.

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Responses to that message will also remain within the chat.

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Go into the channel where you want to remove the message and click on the three-dot … icon for More Options. Your options include:. You could go up through all your messages in a chat and delete them one-by-one. Once again, you can undo the deletion if you like. Leave a comment. Are you using Mio to sync conversations across Microsoft Teams and Slack?

There you can choose to delete the message or edit it. But, it may take up to 7 days to permanently delete the messages from backend storage and the Teams app. Or you can delete the message completely. Click the … icon for more options and click on edit or delete. Click on the … menu again and click Undo.

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If you undo the deletion, Mio will also restore the message for the Slack user. You may need to update.

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Try Mio Pricing. Cancel reply You must be logged in to post a comment. Deleting your own message in Microsoft Teams will remove it from the chat. You can make as many changes to your sent messages as you like.

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However, your colleagues will be able to see that you deleted something. Go to the message you want to delete or edit on Microsoft Teams. A retention policy will trigger the process to delete chat and channel messages according to your timeframe. Teams require a separate retention policy.

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Irrelevant chats can clutter your Teams panel. You can change retention policies in the Microsoft compliance center. Make the changes necessary to your message, then hit Enter. Mio will show your message to the Cisco user again if you undo the deletion.

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Click on the … icon for more options then edit. Your policy will allow you to:.

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You must be logged in to post a comment. Mio will delete the message on Slack for the other contact.

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When you set a retention policy for Teams, you can choose which information you keep. That would make the conversation more confusing if you came back to it later, though. Teams chat, file, and channel information is saved indefinitely by default on Teams.