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When someone calling himself "Walter B" cropped up on a film website, claiming to be Bruce Willis and demanding to hear "the straight, tight shit", his fellow posters were understandably a little sceptical. It was not until Willis unveiled himself - live, via videoconference - that all doubts were laid to rest.

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And though many Redditors have valiantly tried to explain away the blunder, it still doesn't sit right with us.

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The One With Monica's Hypocrisy. In Season 7 Phoebe mentions she massaged Monica and she tipped badly, but later in Season 8's The One With The Secret Closet, Phoebe's hurt when she finds out Monica has a secret masseuse, leading to one of the most gloriously awkward Friends scenes of all time. Wish you could unsee it? But back in Season 3, Chandler tells Janice he doesn't know how.

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The One With Monica's Truth. Though Erica was too stupid to realise she was having twins, Chandler and Monica would surely have realised there were two babies in the sonogram photo.

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But if you think that was bad, wait until you've made your way through just a few of our favourite heinous gaffes, listed by user mintyellow. But how does he forget that she was happy to do it with ex-boyfriend Fun Bobby which is how her underwear ended up on the telephone pole outside the apartment?

Comedy Central Charity Helplines.

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Be our guest Or she could just be really, really bad at organising get togethers They are introduced in the pilot but However, she should recognise it as her own grandmother's ring, and ring Ross used to propose to Emily. In fact, there were so many teeny tiny plot holes during the show's 10 year run that fans are still talking about them 24 years later.

The bloodied willis looks incredibly familiar in the video, but we also get a short look at a sequence involving a helicopter, firefighters, and a bellhop for some reason. new trailer for a good day to die hard starring bruce willis and jai courtney

The One With The Pancakes. Find the latest contact information for support from charitable organisations.

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On a date with Danny during the show's fourth season, Rachel says she doesn't know how to sail. Despite his best efforts, Monica flatly refuses to have sex with Chandler on the roof terrace.

Bruce willis is bloody in new video from the set of a good day to die hard

When Monica marries Chandler, she romantically calls him her soul mate during her emotional vows. However, four seasons earlier, Rachel says Ross kissed her on New Years Eve in high school to "get some chapstick". Us too.

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But she definitely figures it out by the time Joey buys the Mr Beaumont in Season 6. But in TOW The Flashback she's quite happy to humiliate the waitress in front of her friends when she gets their drinks slightly wrong. Want more crushing disappointment?

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