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Mind if we write here.

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The Packers won With the Packers on pace to earn the No. The Carolina game showed how the Packers might need to lean more on their rushing attack down the stretch as defenses focus on containing MVP candidate Aaron Rodgers, who threw for a season-low yards against the Panthers.

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You know where I stand. Global trade brought us cheaper products, but it also allowed companies to hire in low-wage countries. And sure, not all technologies we bet on will pan out. We grow faster when our tax code rewards hard work and companies that create jobs here in America. And I will never allow politicians in Washington to control health care choices that women should be making for themselves. And if that argument sounds familiar, one of those candidates back then happens to be running for President right now.

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Jump to. Because in the eight years after Bill Clinton left office, his policies were reversed. It is good to be back in Green Bay, Wisconsin. Today, our businesses have created over 5 million new jobs.

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We pledge to help those whose lives have been turned upside down. So, Wisconsin, we know what change is. We always knew that. And, Wisconsin, we know what the choice needs to be. The cooks and the waiters and the cleaning staff working overtime at a Vegas hotel, trying to save enough to buy a first home or send their kid to college -— they need a champion. The protectors of the status quo are a powerful force in Washington.

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I know what change looks like, because I fought for it. Our fight goes on because we know this nation cannot succeed without a growing, thriving middle class; and strong, sturdy ladders into the middle class. We mourn the loss of so many people. They need a champion. Change comes when we live up to our legacy of innovation, and make America home to the next generation of manufacturing, scientific discovery, technological breakthroughs.

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Right now, we can put people back to work fixing up ro and bridges. Inwe were in the middle of two wars and the worst economic crisis since the Great Depression. So, Wisconsin, we know the ideas that work.

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Thanks to the service and sacrifice of our brave men and women in uniform, the war in Iraq is over. Change is finally turning the on a decade of war to do some nation-building here at home.

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Our fight goes on because America has always done its best when everybody gets a fair shot, and everybody is doing their fair share, and everybody is playing by the same rules. I want to thank all of you for giving such a warm welcome to a Bears fan -- applause -- and I especially want to thank one of the greatest defensive players in NFL history for being here today -- Charles Woodson.

There is a future for clean energy here in America.

I was talking about changing our politics. Well, let me tell you, Wisconsin, we know what change looks like. Osama bin Laden is dead. After four years as President, you know me by now. And their strategy from the start was to engineer pure gridlock in Congress, refusing to compromise on ideas that both Democrats and Republicans had supported in the past.

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Folks at the top got to play by a different set of rules than the rest of us. American workers saw their paychecks squeezed, even as corporate profits rose and CEO salaries exploded, and the guaranteed security of pensions and health care slowly started disappearing. But you know what I believe. We need a middle-class agenda that rewards hard work and responsibility. But I promise you this -— there is a future for manufacturing here in America.

Thank you, Charles.

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And it turns out their math was just as bad back then as it is today. Our hearts go out to those who have lost their loved ones. The American auto industry is back on top. Now is the time to keep pushing forward -— to educate all our kids, and train all our workers; to create new jobs, and rebuild our infrastructure; to discover new sources of energy, to broaden opportunity, to grow our middle class, to restore our democracy, and to make sure that no matter who you are, or where you come from, or how you started out, you can work to achieve your American Dream.

Technology made us more productive, but it also made a lot of good jobs obsolete. In five days, we will choose our next President. That spirit has guided this country along its improbable journey for more than two centuries.

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Companies enjoyed tax breaks for shipping jobs overseas. Some of the businesses we encourage will fail. And I refuse to cede that future to other countries. The people who need a champion are the Americans whose letters I read late at night; the men and women I meet on the campaign trail every day. And our deficit became the biggest surplus in our history. But, Wisconsin, we know our work is not yet done.

You may be frustrated at the pace of change. And he is offering them up as change. Plenty of folks who were running for Congress at the time said it would hurt the economy; that it would kill jobs. It has carried us through the trials of the last four years.

They spent millions to stop us from reforming health care and Wall Street and student loans. I ran because the voices of the American people —- your voices -— had been shut out of our democracy for way too long —- by lobbyists and special interests, and politicians who believe that compromise is somehow a dirty word; by folks who would say anything to win office, and do anything to stay there.

And guess what?

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The young teacher doing her best in an overcrowded classroom with outdated textbooks —- she needs a champion. And I was out in New Jersey yesterday and saw the devastation, and you really get a sense of how difficult this is going to be for a lot, a lot of people.

Remarks by the president at a campaign event -- green bay, wi

The war in Afghanistan is winding down. For eight years, we had a President who shared these beliefs; his name was Bill Clinton. You have, too. All those kids in inner cities and small farm towns, in the valleys of Ohio or rolling Virginia hills or right here in Green Bay; kids dreaming of becoming scientists or doctors, engineers or entrepreneurs, diplomats or even a president —- applause -- they need a champion in Washington.

Home values are on the rise. But, Wisconsin, my bet is on you. All the petty differences that consume us in normal times all seem to melt away.

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But we have a choice to make. The small restaurant owner who needs a loan to expand after the bank turned him down -— he needs a champion. We believe that when we support research into medical breakthroughs or new technology, then entire new industries will start here and stay here and hire here. There are no Democrats or Republicans during a storm, there are just fellow Americans.

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We should work with community colleges to train another two million Americans with skills that businesses are looking for right now. Now, for the past few days, all of us have been focused on one of the worst storms in our lifetimes. Like when we stopped insurance companies from discriminating against Americans with preexisting conditions like cancer or diabetes, so that nobody in America goes bankrupt just because they get sick.

The laid off furniture worker who is retraining at age 55 for a career in biotechnology -— she needs a champion. Right now, we can expand broadband into rural neighborhoods, and make sure our schools are state-of-the-art. When he was first elected, he asked the wealthiest Americans to pay a little more so we could reduce the deficit and still make investments in things like education and training, science and research.

You know that. But do we believe this country is stronger when there are rules to protect our kids from toxic dumping and mercury pollution -- applause -- when there are rules to protect consumers and ordinary families from credit card companies that are engaging in deceptive practices, mortgage lenders that are unscrupulous. American manufacturing is growing at the fastest pace in 15 years.

Al Qaeda has been decimated. Like when we forced Wall Street to abide by the toughest rules since the s. Insurance companies and oil companies and Wall Street were given free to do what they pleased.

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