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Meaning: to pluck; plucked hair, feathers, fell.

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Meaning: lung. II 94 f.

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Material: Gr. Arelica Gardaseeeig. II 85, Wissmann Nom. Meaning: fist.

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Meaning: swollen, fat, big. Meaning: a piece of wood. Meaning: to hit. Meaning: to run, flow; to swim. Maybe truncated alb. II 70, WH. II ; Vasmer 2, f.

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Material: Av. References: WP. II s : Meaning: hair. II 84, Trautmann f.

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Material: Norw. PN Plinius. II 98 f. Flom, Flaum m. Meaning: to squeak. In ending still strittig is ap.

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II 78 f. Letha ds. See also: compare also pezd- S. Meaning: to babble, etc. Meaning: to expand; to boast.

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Material: Aisl. IIWH. II. See also: to germ.

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II 77 f. Meaning: wide and flat. Comments: with -s- extended.

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II 99 f. Meaning: to plait, weave. Material: 1. Letavialeg. A i -root plei-k- in lit. Meaning: to split, cut off.

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With auslautender voiced-nonaspirated: aisl. II 95 f.

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I f. Material: Alb. II 69, Trautmann. Meaning: naked, bare, bald. Meaning: to tear, peel off. Comments: durch das Adv. II 77, Schwyzer Gr. II 96 f. II 71; Vasmer 2. Fladen, Kuh-fladennorw.

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II 93. Meaning: pig. Maybe illyr. II 93, Trautmann f. Plautieswith umbr.

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See also: zur t -extension see above S. Meaning: flake, feather, hair. Grammatical information: f. FlN Plavis: lit. Meaning: to breathe.

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Meaning: vulva. Meaning: owner, host, master, husband. Comments: also unredupl. To lit. II 97 f.

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Material: Lat. II 71, WH. II f. Pips etc. Litana silvaLitano-briga ; mir. II 91 ff. Orcades with gr. Material: Ahd. Flockemnd. Franck van Wijk ; aksl. II 90 f. II 78, WH. Meaning: by, about, around, beside.

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Root ]. Meaning: against. Part V. Meaning: lump, knot.

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II ff. FlausFlausch ; mhd. Meaning: a kind of wooden stockade. Material: Air. Maybe alb. Vlies. Meaning: wide, flat.