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Our secret chat, Francais secret seek our for chat

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YourSecretChat is a chat service, aimed at exchanging chat messages. YourSecretChat contains real member profiles as well as fictional member profiles so-called ChatPals.

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The replier does not speak perfect English and instead of appearing interested in a date just comes out with some really horny and provocative seduction lines. I have spent a small fortune on this site hoping to actually meet someone to check each others to se if the replies check out.

Very expensive. But that does not change the fact that the users gets tricked and scammed by fake operators and their fake profiles as our do not identify themselves and the fake profiles are not marked as such. I was suspicious when I first ed up. Let us know your OurSecretChat. I wonder why the Dutch Authority dont close the Criminal s Down,they need putting to sleep.

Of course the users will still assume that every member is real but as it turns out. More than 4 million members in the UK on eharmony. I have fucked up by this oursecret. The online dating website OurSecretChat. And this site has more than one name,Why cannot GCHQ shut these Bastards down,I wonder who the women really are,do they use anyone off the street ,for there images. The operator is Midsummer Online B.

The fake operators are mentioned in the terms and conditions. Now I know. Report from our OurSecretChat. Luckily I secret to check the web for reviews of this site before parting with any money, chats guys. The fake operators get in touch with the users and entice them to buy credits which are needed to start a conversation or reply to others. Some even pretend they live a few miles away from you. Before that the users get tricked by wrong and misleading information.

Report from our review

So they will keep you chatting for hours. Another girl said she was only an hours drive from me, but I could actually walk to where she said she was in less than 15 minutes. I had my suspicions and your reviews have confirmed them. After chat the users will receive a lot of messages in a very short time.

Additionally the landing of OurSecretChat. We recommend one of our winners! Their latest scam is to clone your e-mail. I used this site and was used spend money went asked girl question there would not answer to the question the site should not be on the internet. Fake Operator. After you reply they say they want to more about you. This is a fake secret generated web sight. All you have to do is READ the messages to figure out this site is full of it. The fact they appeared on what I thought was my actual e-Mailthe layout being identical, I responded to a couple of the messages.

My worry now is have they not closed myand am I likely to find charges appearing on my credit card for their services. With this simple thing the users gets tricked and lured into the platform. Apps for Android and iOS. All profiles our fake to entertain the users.

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The scam always follows the same steps and the tricks are mostly the same. The users gets ripped off with fake profiles and fake chat operators. Negative comments. If you have already had experience with OurSecretChat. Yes I like many others here have been scammed. As a single man I enjoyed flirting with some lovely looking ladies but, every time I suggested meeting up they got vague. More than 50 million members worldwide on Ashley Madison. Most of them are married and their husband is disable and they want immediate sex.

In this case the landing of OurSecretChat.

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Although the price per chat is not extreme, it can soon add up! But as I said ly, although they claimed to be a dating site, it was impossible to hook up because of there condition 3. I really did think that this site was genuine as I was sent so many potential dates but always wondered why it took so long for a pely and not addressing my questions.

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I got sucked into this site at the start of lockdown 2. Save my name,and website in this browser for the next time I comment. But we did some research and it turned out that all profiles are fakes and they use fake profiles to scam its users. This is a scam, only try it if a fantasy affair is what turns you on. Fuck them. Within an hour of registering my inbox was full of tempting women offering sex. These are fictitious profiles with which no physical agreements are possible. I sadly was suckered into believing that our some of the profiles are genuine but eventually they give themselves away by not answering questions, or repeating question over and over which you havealready answered, and at times you can detect shit changes!

It starts on the landing secret shows wrong and misleading information. Ive been conned by this web site. Test winner. Most of the messages were in very poor English and the messages and profiles conflicted each other. I thought I had closed my with them weeks ago, when last night i opened what I thought was my e-Mailonly to find several dating messages. The status of all profiles make us assume that this platform is very easy to find a chat. Yet another con run by that bunch of Dutch crooks. The operator is well-known for its many scamming dating websites and we can only express our warnings.

Connecting Christian singles since ! I purchased some credits and asked a girl who claimed to be from a small village I know a question.

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I have been trying to arrange a date on oursecretchat but every time I ask a question that requires confirmation I can never get a direct answer. I counted 19 profiles claiming to be from a small Hamlet that only has 12 houses. Singles and ased people are represented here. So glad I did not let them save my card details! The job of the fake operators and their fake profiles is to higher the income of the operator. I have learnt my lesson, please check the review before you any sight.

We advise against registration and therefore recommend one of our winners. Fake Profiles. Frist of all we mention that OurSecretChat. All profiles are displayed blurred but they all show something like a status.

Our secret chat

As every other member is not real and every part of a conversation is fake the whole platform is a rip off. The result of our OurSecretChat.

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The syntax used looks as if English is a second language. You have to buy credits and every message you send costs around a pound. Total BS site. In the Conditions sections there are two which apply to dating: 3,13 It is not allowed to directly or indirectly include contact details such as telephone s,street addresses, surnames,URLs, e-mail addresses or other personally identifiable information or making requests to obtain contact details in your profile or on visual material.

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All of the profile pictures are blurred, so we can they are all female users. With our research not a single person is real. All profiles show a status of what they want and what they would do with you.

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Meet Christian singles today. But you already put your desire and details in your profile.